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Sell your house fast for cash on Long Island, no matter its condition. At J&A Homes, we pay cash for any Long Island property, ensuring you can sell your house as-is and obtain fair market value. We buy houses Long Island, giving us the experience we need to ensure the sale runs quickly and smoothly. Say goodbye to real estate agent fees, long waiting periods, and lengthy contracts, and sell your house swiftly with J&A Homes
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Sell Your House As Is with Local Long Island Experts

When you're looking to sell your home as-is in Long Island, you need the guidance and support of local experts who understand the area. At J&A Homes, we'll give you a cash offer on your Long Island home. We specialize in helping home sellers navigate the local real estate market while ensuring a seamless selling process for properties in any condition.

Long Island has a diverse range of suburbs, with a unique blend of properties. Whether your Long Island house is in the charming streets of Great Neck, the quaint villages of Smithtown, or the coastal communities of the Hamptons, our local expertise ensures that you'll receive the best possible deal.

We know there are various reasons why Long Island, NY, homeowners choose to sell their houses, and sometimes circumstances make it difficult to sell your house the traditional way. That said, house prices are strong on Long Island, so we believe you should be able to obtain a fair cash offer no matter the condition. From affordable options in Suffolk County to premium properties on the North Shore, we buy houses for cash, regardless of their condition.

If you're ready to get a cash offer for your home and sell your house fast, trust the local experts at J&A Homes. We're committed to helping you every step of the way.

We Buy Houses Long Island

Why We Buy Homes As-Is on Long Island

Here's why we'll always give you a fair cash offer on your Long Island house.

Valuable Market

Long Island has a strong real estate market, which is valuable to real estate investors like us.

Strategic Locations

Long Island is an excellently situated location, with access to various amenities, and just a stone's throw from Manhattan.

Community Driven

As local Long Islanders, we love to help out our neighbors and take troublesome properties off their hands.

Unique Neigborhoods

Long Island has a diverse range of properties in unique neighborhoods, which makes every home different.

Cash Home Buyers with Expert Knowledge

If you're seeking cash buyers for your Long Island house, J&A Homes is the natural choice. Our commitment to home sellers goes beyond the ordinary; here's how we can help.

Experienced cash buyer company:
With over a decade of experience, we buy houses on Long Island equipped with both professional and local knowledge, ensuring you get a fair price.
Expertise in structural issues:
If your property is facing condemnation, our team can navigate these issues. You can still sell your Long Island house and move on quickly, without the headache of property upkeep.
No-obligation cash offer:
Get a no-obligation cash offer in just 12 hours, with a fair market value that reflects the current condition of your home.
Fair cash offer:
When we offer cash, it's not just so you can sell fast. We carefully consider the current market conditions, the current state of the property, and more to ensure you can sell your house for the price you deserve.
We buy houses as-is:
At J&A Homes, we buy ugly houses in as-is condition, which means you can sell quickly even if your property is in need of repairs or facing foreclosure.
No hidden fees:
With J&A Homes, there are no realtor fees. We won't charge you a service fee either, so you can make a cash sale quickly, efficiently, and for a fair price.
If you're looking to move on from your Long Island property, we can pay cash while addressing your unique needs, ensuring you can sell your Long Island house fast without sweating the small stuff.

Why Sell As-Is on Long Island?

You might fetch a higher price for a property in perfect condition, but there are several downsides. Here's why you should sell your house in its current condition instead.

J&A Homes - Get Top Dollar

Quick Sale

If you've been frantically searching "how to sell my house fast Long Island", then you're in luck. A cash offer ensures you can sell your house fast and still obtain a fair price. This means you spend less on upkeep for the time being.
J&A Homes - Local Long Islanders

No More Headaches!

Say goodbye to the stress of dealing with a real estate agent, reading lengthy contracts, and holding open houses. Instead, sell your house fast without worrying about additional expenses, and get a closing date that's just around the corner.
J&A Homes - Sell As Is

Save Money

When your home is in need of repairs, the expense can be costly. Cash offers are still rapid, but you end up paying out of your own pocket to fix the issues, which means you make less profit. A competitive cash offer gives you fair market value whatever the condition, allowing you to keep the total profit.

Sell Your House As Is in Long Island, NY!

Get a fair cash offer and sell your house fast with expert buyers at J&A Homes.

Long Island "As Is" Home Buyers
We Buy Houses Anywhere on Long Island!

Why Sell As-Is with J&A Homes?

Looking for "how to sell my house for cash Long Island?" J&A Homes is here to be your trusted partner to ensure you get the amount you deserve. Here's why you should consider us as your trusted cash buyers.

No closing cost!

No repairs and cleanups!

No appraisals or inspections!

No wait for buyer!

No delays for mortgage approval!

No commissions!

No house showings!

No fees!

No headaches!

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Cash Home Buyer
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Selling your Long Island house "as is" to J&A Homes
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Fill out the form or give us a call to tell us about the property you are looking to sell.
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Get a fair cash offer within 12 hours. Once you accept, we'll guide your next steps and get things started right away.
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Close as quickly as 7 days. Or take your time and close up to 60 days after you accept your offer. It's up to you.
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Here are a few houses on Long Island that we purchased recently!
houses on Long Island that we purchased recently
houses on Long Island that we purchased recently
houses on Long Island that we purchased recently
houses on Long Island that we purchased recently
houses on Long Island that we purchased recently
houses on Long Island that we purchased recently

What Our
Customers are Saying ...

Google Review
Tina Petrofsky
Long Island, NY
This was such an easy process, my parents wanted to move down south to be closer to me and Joe and Anthony made that happen with ease. After 34 years of residing in the same home raising children and grandchildren they were ready to retire. We were able to choose our closing date and not have to worry about being homeless while we waited for the other mortgage to finalize. We are sad to see our family home go but are excited to see the new life it will be given, Thank you J&A for bringing our family closer together!
Google Review
Susan Scalici
Long Island, NY
I highly recommend J&A purchasers, we sold our home to them, and they totally made it so very easy for us. We didn't have people in and out of our home, no real estate fees, no lawyer fees and no closing costs. If you don't have the time to fix up your house before selling, these are the guys to go to!
Google Review
Chris Koenke
Long Island, NY
Anthony was a man true to his word. Before dealing with him we had the misfortune of dealing with 3 different shady characters who kept on trying to change the deal. Anthony made the process quite easy. Dealing with him it took the hassel out of all the showings and real estate agents. He was very helpful which he didnt have to be. He was quick and we have recommended him to other people. Thank you!
Google Review
Jay T Pahel
Long Island, NY
Anthony and joe were extremely helpful in every aspect of our sale. They went above and beyond to help us in a very difficult time. COVID had made our daily life almost Unfunctional and to sell a house and move at the same time was quite a task . They were extremely helpful and patient though this process. They were honest in everything they said and did. True gentleman in way they cconducted Business, i am quite greatfull to have had the pleasure to do business with them. Would highly recommend them across the board. Thank you for all your help ant and joe. Good luck and hope your business grows across the region.
Mr & Mrs Pahel
Google Review
Lisa R. Brennan
Long Island, NY
J&A Homes helped me out of a tight spot. I lost my job and was facing foreclosure. I found J&A on Google and got a quote. I spoke with Anthony who was great and gave me a fair offer. The whole process took about two weeks! It feels good to have that burden off my shoulders and Anthony walked me through the whole process. Thank You!
Google Review
Patricia Weeks
Long Island, NY
J & A Homes are a real life saver. My husband past away and I fell behind on my real estate taxes. They gave me a fair price on my home and I was able to pay my taxes and I was able to move to FL and get a condo. They made my dream come true. Thank you Joe and Anthony.

Say Goodbye to Housing Headaches with a Cash Home Buyer!

Get a cash offer in just 12 hours and sell your house fast, no matter the condition.

J&A Homes V.S. Regular Home Sale

We specialize in houses that need updates or repairs. We've helped many sellers on Long Island out of difficult situations and more!

Prefer to call?   631-337-7500

Pay no fees

Quick sales process of 7 days

No showings or open houses

Top dollar paid

Sell as-is with no cleanups or repairs

No risk because we don't need to acquire a mortgage


5% of home sale plus lots of fees

Long sales process of 2-3+ months

Showings and open houses

Price haggling

Clean ups and repairs

Risk that buyer won't be able to get a mortgage

Meet Our Long Island Team!
J and A Owners

Hi! We're Joe and Anthony, and we own J&A Homes! There are a lot of times when selling your home to a homebuyer benefits you more than going through a regular home sale. Many of those times are difficult and scary, which makes knowing what to do or who to trust hard. We're a bit different! We're local Long Islanders, and the hundreds of homes we buy every year gives us a proven history of creating win/win situations. It only takes a few moments to know if we're the right choice for you! So please fill out the website form or give us a call!
Joe and Anthony
J&A Homes Owners

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions.

Why sell my house for cash as-is?

Whether you're stuck with a burdensome inheritance property, a rental that's making no money, or are facing other unique circumstances, it can be beneficial to sell your house for cash. A Long Island cash sale is quick, easy, and means you don't have to trouble yourself with costly repairs or lengthy waiting periods.

How can I sell my house fast on Long Island?

Finding cash home buyers is the quickest way to sell your house on Long Island. After all, this means you don't have to bother with open houses, repairs, or even mortgage approvals. As a result, you can offload your house fast while still getting a fair offer.

Where can I find cash buyers for my Long Island house?

If you're looking to sell your house fast, a cash home buyer is your best bet. At J&A Homes, we are expert cash buyers native to Long Island, NY, which means we thoroughly understand the local real estate market and can pay cash for homes in any condition, providing a fair cash offer no matter your circumstances. Fill out an online form today and get an offer in just 12 hours.

What's a fair cash offer on my Long Island house?

Currently, homes on Long Island sell for an average of $600,000. A competitive cash offer should reflect the most recent property rates, while also taking into account the condition of the home. The house buyers at J&A Homes can provide you with an up-to-date evaluation that carefully considers your unique circumstances.
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